Anyone can become successful online regardless of their experience.

Let me explain.

Nearly everyone has some sort of skill they can leverage to make money online.

That skill may be valuable to other marketers who don’t have the time or know-how to do it themselves.

Some common examples:

Writing- You can offer yourself as a ghostwriter, copywriter, or blogger who offers content that most internet marketers need in some form or another (articles, eBooks, etc.).

Graphic or Web Design- If you’re skilled at graphic design and have the right programs to use, you can handle tasks like creating covers for eBooks, designing WordPress themes, graphic banners, etc.

Technical- Are you good with programming or coding? You can help people get their sites up and running or help make them better.

Networking- Help spread the word on new affiliate product launches.

Even with a winning mindset, you may be required to leverage your skills to other marketers to get startup funds, or to develop more skills that will help you succeed as an internet marketer.

Don’t be afraid to help others in need.

Even if it means working for others in the beginning.

Turning Your Skills into A Product and a Business

After you’ve developed a certain skill, or you already have a couple up your sleeve, it’s time turn them into a product you can sell.

Or rather, a service that you can sell.

Remember though, your skill must somehow benefit others.

Selling cutesy pics of your dog or cat is not a skill that really benefits others.

Something like creating sales videos?

That is.

And who knows?

If you become really good at your craft, people may seek you out to be their mentor.

Example: you could mentor other students on how to create sales videos with some simple software.

Well, now you have a business.

What If I don’t Have A Skill?

Pony up a few bucks and take advantage of the frequent discounts offered at Udemy.

Udemy is like a collection of virtual classrooms that offer training and tutorials on various skills.

Everything from graphic design, coding, article writing, etc.- you can find it all here.

My suggestion is to pick something that appeals to you and that you know will make you money.

Hint: Content writing and graphic design seem to be two of the most popular skilled trades that nearly anyone can get started in while also being high in demand.

I’ve also attached a link that showcases Udemy courses that are either discounted or offered for free via discount codes.

Check them out here

Automating Your Business

At some point, you’ll find that your business might be taking up too much of your time or that there’s more demand for your product/service than you can reasonably handle.

If you ever reach this point, congrats!

It means you’re successful.

It also means you might want to consider finding a way to automate it or outsource it to some trusted people who can pick up the slack for you.

Now don’t worry, you’ll still maintain the ownership of your business and revenue, but if you have more hands on deck, you can spend time on more important things and developing even more skills that will further enhance your business.

All you need to do is to find and train the right people.

Unfortunately, you do get what you pay for and it can cost a lot of money upfront to accomplish this.

But it’s the only way to grow as a business or successful internet marketer.

When you buy people’s time with your money, you effectively remove the shackles that your business has on your time and you can use that time to invest into another business.”

Remember, don’t forget to think big and think long term.

Now you’re ready, to proceed to the next chapter.