"They Kept Asking Me Why I Was Canceling My Monthly Subscription To Their Expensive Page Builder.
ANd You Will Not Believe The Answer I Gave Them..."

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The "Secret" List Building Strategy that Allowed Me to Stop Spending Money Each and Every Month and Start Making Money Each and Every Month

  • 100% newbie friendly and complete training included.
  •  Videos, worksheets, cheatsheets, resources, and training will teach you everything required to become a social media master.
  • NO outdated tactics or techniques, just a simple proven method that works.
  • NO gimmicks or "tricks" this is NOT a flash-in-the-plan system that only works ONE time, this will keep working for the long haul.

I've Personally Used This Strategy To Create A List of over 6000+ Subscribers

I Don't Know About You, But I'm So Tired of Overprices Tools That Are...

"Full Of Bells and Whistles" & So Many Features That You Never Use.

There is nothing more frustrating than buying the tool that everyone says you need, left learning it back-to-front, taking action and then ... The the monthly bill comes again before you even see your first subscriber not to mention you didn't even make a sell yet...

That is my goal with this training and these tools.

Giving you a BUSINESS you can start using from Day #1!

I'm SO HAPPY to be here sharing this with you today!

Dear Internet Marketer,

When I first started in Internet Marketing, I was spending money each and every month vs my goal … to be making money each month.

So I decided it was high time that I stop and take a hard look at why I was spending money but not making money.

I did what no one wants to do, I opened up my PayPal and took a look at the money going out each month … and it was a way bigger number than the money coming in.

I had only bought the tools “they” told me I needed…

But I kept coming back to one monthly expenses that I just could not make sense of…

So again time to dig deeper and understand what the heck is going on.

A closer look reveal the squeeze page builder to build out all the squeeze pages I will ever need and has all the features you will ever need…

Here is a list of some of those “must have” features I paid each month for:

Easy Interface, Dedicated Support, SEO-Friendly Pages, Unlimited Domain Publishing, Simple WordPress Plugin, Major Email Service Integrations, Ultra-Fast Hosting, Digital Asset Delivery, Lead Notifications, Sub Accounts, HTML Editing, Custom & Hidden Form Fields

Ok so those are all the features that I will ever need, but when will I need them…

And more importantly when will all those features start making me money vs costing me money?

Yeah well I decided to stop wasting my money and my time learning trying to learn and understand all these bells and whistles … and figure out what features I really need to make money…

And after just a little bit of research and testing … guess what I found…

I only need one squeeze page with a high conversion rate and one high quality lead magnet to give-a-away to attract subscribers.

And I could do all this on my own hosting that I was already paying for…

Why should I pay every month for a proprietary system that gives me features I already have:

Easy Interface – I have notepad on my laptop

Major Email Service Integrations – I know how to copy/paste

Ultra-Fast Hosting – I already have my own hosting

HTML Editing – So what am I paying for this page builder for? Now you are telling me you offer this a feature?

So yeah, the answer I gave them to their question …

“Why I was canceling my monthly subscription to their expensive page builder?”

Because I don’t need it to make money each and every month.


Is A
SUPER Simple 


Give-a-way 'Online Payday'

a Done For You

 high quality real world $27 dollar

membership site as your

lead magnet

'Online Payday' 

is a crazy high converting

 lead magnet that will have

potential customer

happily giving you

their best email.


Build a list 

of eager subscribers 

 that can't wait to

open and click

on your emails

Here's What You're Getting...

List of Modules


List of Bonuses
Yes Squeezer is jam-packed with value. And it's not based on "crazy" new money-making strategies that may or may not work a month from now. This is a PROVEN model that's the foundation of many of the top GooRoo Level marketers entire businesses!

I have been there and I know what it's like when you are overwhelmed, overworked and not getting anywhere.

You want to succeed but need more guidance to get there.

Take some time and ponder this simple question before moving on:

Would you rather put your time and effort into learning a system that you have to pay each and every month to use ... and when you stop paying all that hard work goes away. And on top of that the method you used in that system only works in that system. You have nohting to show for your time and your money.

Or would you rather learn a strategy that is used by the biggest marketing minds in the industry to make 7-figures+ a year each?

If your answer was the proven strategy, then you're in the right place :)


You can keep paying each month for a tool that says it will allow you to build a massive list of hot leads...
Or you can get this proven step by step done for you, with over the shoulder training videos to actually start building a list as quick as today!

What is Squeezer?
Squeezer is a DFY squeeze page. And a DFY give-a-away lead magnet, a high value membership site 'Online Payday' that sells everyday for $27 dollars on WarriorPlus.

How Does Squeezer Work?
You download the Squeezer files, paste in your autoresponder code, upload to your web hosting, start sending traffic and collecting leads.

How Much Time Does It Take to Setup?
This can be done in a quick as 30 minutes after your purchase.

How Much Do I Need to Make This Work?
It can all be done for free. This is not the suggested method, and your results may vary. This is all covered in the training.

How Much Time Do I Need to Spend on This Everyday?
You only need to setup Squeezer one time.

Will You Explain How to Drive Traffic to Squeezer?
Yes this is covered inside the training. Both Free and Paid traffic sources.

How Do I Get Started?
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