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“Every single truly successful marketer
 realized- at some point within their career– that in order to get to where they’re truly trying to be; they have to whole-heartedly and cheerfully assist others in doing the same.”

If you want to get ahead of your competitors, you’ll want to consider working with people other than yourself.

Social marketing or joint venture marketing is one of the most important building blocks to success.

With more than a million of websites out there and growing daily, it would be foolish to not consider working with others to leverage your successes.

There are many types of leveraging, but for the sake of simplicity, I’ll briefly talk about two today.

Joint Venture Marketing Leverage

 It used to be that you could email any Ezine publisher with a copy of your offerings and a proposal for 50% profit share.

Today, you need to think more on your feet.

In order to capture the interest of other joint venture partners, you need to be more strategic and offer them something they value and would benefit from too.

Remember the whole “what’s in it for me?” mindset?

Well, it applies here too.

You need to be sensitive to their needs and desires.

Not just your own.

Once you’ve got a couple of joint venture alliances in your back pocket, you have a resource that will pay off in dividends later in the future.

But be warned…

Cultivating these types of relationships take a lot of time to establish trust.

You must prove to them that you are trustworthy and worth the time to getting to know.

You also need to make sure that your proposal, whatever it may be, also positions them in such a way that you want to help them grow and take their business to the next level too.

The most successful joint ventures are mutually beneficial for both parties.

And until you have your own list of 20,000+ or so loyal fans, you need to remember that YOU need their help.

Not the other way around.

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Traffic Leverage

There’s two ways you can drive traffic to your website or business:

You can pay for it.


You can do it for free but pay with it in terms of labor and time.

The problem with paying for traffic is that it requires a significantly large budget.

If you have a bottomless wallet or budget, then this won’t be a problem for you.

But if you’re just barely scrapping by and counting pennies, then this option won’t yield much results- if any.

The other problem is that a bunch of “marketing gurus” frequently pitch their services or products online about how they can send boatloads of traffic to your site for no money or a significant amount.

Seem confusing?

Usually the free services come from automated tools like bots or software.

It’s not real traffic and therefore it’s a waste of time.

The more expensive services may include the same tools as the free option, but they’ll also usually funnel a certain amount of traffic to your website through trickery and deceit.

The end results?

The traffic- even if real, will not stay because they (your visitors) will feel as if they’ve been scammed or lied to.

Neither of those are good things.

So, what should you do instead?

Invest your money into learning these important marketing skills for yourself so you can do it for yourself.

That way you won’t be at anyone’s mercy.

The tradeoff on doing things this way is that it may cost you a significant amount of money and time to learn how to do things yourself.

But, it’s well worth it.

But what about all that money and free time I was promised?

Ah yes, picture it now.

Enjoying your favorite drink while resting on the white sandy beaches of some far away paradise.

Not a worry crosses your mind.


You have it.


You have that too.

But only because you decided to play it smart and take advantage of things like outsourcing, viral e-marketing, B2B JV bartering, and set-and-forget-tools.


Listen, you can have all of that but only if you play your cards right.

An example?


Autoresponders can take some time to setup properly, but once you do, they keep working for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

They never get sick.

They never require workers compensation.

And they won’t quit on you because they got fed up.

Who has the time to keep sending the same emails to your new list signups or to promote your business with special discounts or sales?

You might be able to do that for a list of about 20 or so people, but when you start seeing more traffic and subscribers to your list- it’s almost impossible to try and accomplish those same tasks with a list of 10,000 people!

Want another example?

What about a high-quality PLR eBook that can be rebranded but funnels people to your web venture?

Or a course where you provide your members with a step by step plan of action of everything they need to do in order to achieve _____ goal?

All of these take some time and work to setup upfront, but once they’ve been setup or created, they’ll help propel you and your business further than your competitors who don’t use these resources.

How do you determine if what you’re offering is high quality and will please your consumer?

“Be the end consumer of whatever it is you’d seriously consider promoting and put it to the hardest-core Satisfaction Tests that you can possibly devise.”

Put simply, that just means imagining yourself as your consumer and being honest with yourself on whether your biz opportunity stands up to and overdelivers on all the claims you make.

In other words, don’t make claims or promises that you can’t backup.

Make sure you don’t come from an angle of focusing just on the sale.

Focus on your consumer’s needs, wants and desires.

When you do this, the sales will naturally follow without you having to be too pushy about making the sale.

Give it a try.

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