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You Want To Make Money Online And You Heard About Internet Marketing But You Just Aren’t Sure How To Get Started.

I’m Sure You’ve Heard Excuses Like These Before:

  • It’s too expensive.
  • It’s too time consuming.
  • It requires system A, B, and C to work.
  • Your friends and family will laugh at you for even trying.
  • You need a unique product that no one has seen before to profit.
  • People will think you’re a scam artist because you’re selling something online.
  • It requires a lot of technical know-how.
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Let’s Talk About What Internet Marketing Really Is and Isn’t

Yes, it’s going to require some effort and time from you. So the first step you must do is to just be honest and upfront with yourself about internet marketing (online marketing).

No, you won’t be rolling in the cash overnight.

And there are very few systems, if any, that will allow you to sleep in while money keeps being deposited into your bank account.

However, if you can discipline yourself and set goals, your chances of seeing success are higher than those who continuously download or buy new programs.

Before You Get Started with Internet Marketing

I’ve addressed some of the common misconceptions as well as laid out a few truths, but if you truly want to be successful with internet marketing (online marketing), you need to keep the following in mind:

Purchasing or even reading or watching any program will not in itself make you money.

But you know what will?


Action is what makes you money.

How do I know?

Because I’m doing it right now and I just want to tell you that it’s not that difficult.

Don’t have any technical know-how?

Outsource it to someone who does.

But I recommend learning how to do it yourself first, so you can at least have a clue of what you’re talking about when you give instructions to the person you decide to outsource to.

There Are A Couple Of Things That I Need To Warn You About

Best thing to do, is make sure you have all your bills caught up and taken care of before you decide to jump into any internet marketing (online marketing) adventure.

Not only is it the responsible adult thing to do, but until you know what you’re doing- there’s no guarantee that your adventure will pay off in time to keep your electric from being shut off…

Secondly, when it comes to setting goals – any kind of goals, you don’t want to tell or confide in anyone about them.

I know that sounds crazy, but your chances of being successful or even accomplishing them just dropped after you spilled the beans.

And that’s not just some crazy thing I made up…

Okay… so now that I covered all that, let’s talk a little internet marketing (online marketing) 101.

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Now Let’s Talk About Internet Marketing 101

First let’s get a clear mental image in your mind to continue this introduction to internet marketing (online marketing), so imagine the entire world wide web or internet as a cloud.

Within this cloud are all the people who use the internet each and every day.

From within this cloud are thousands, if not millions, of websites including your own.

Each of these sites contain offers, and in this cloud is where you will be adding your offer:


Source: 123rf.com

Your offer is something that is being sold or offered, like your own service, training or could be affiliate offer where you earn a commission for selling someone else’s product.

Of course your offer needs to be targeted to a specific market so you will need to make sure you identify what it is called a niche.

Finding your niche takes some work, but zeroing in on your niche market that your offer is for is the key to success:

How To Find And Dominate Profitable Niches in 6 Easy Steps [Infographic] - An Infographic from NicheHacks

Source: NicheHacks

Through Your Offer You’re Hoping That Someone Will Buy From You

But no one will buy from you if they can’t find you.

You need traffic to your offer if you have any hopes of making a sale.

All those people who are spending time on Facebook, browsing the web, watching funny cat videos on YouTube – that’s potential traffic for our website, but only if we can get them to your offer.

Online Marketing 101 #infographic
Source: Wrike Social Project Management Software

Your Goal Is To Get As Much Targeted Traffic To Your Offer As Possible

Not everyone needs to see your offer in order to make a profit.

You only want only the right people to see your offer.

The right people are the kind of people who need or want your offer.

They can somehow relate to it or the offer will fix something for them or enhance their lives in some way or another.

These are the kind of people you want because they’re the ones who will happily pay for your offer.

But only if it benefits them.

The people you don’t want are not interested in the offer and would be unhappy with what you had to offer them.

This is what you would refer to as cold traffic.

In order to direct the right traffic to your offer, you need to qualify your traffic so you’re only reaching the right people.

There’s a lot of ways to do this and I’ll cover those more in-depth in future posts, but for right now, you just need to understand that in order to be successful with internet marketing (online marketing) – it comes down to three basic things:

  1. Driving Traffic – You need to drive traffic to your offer, but it needs to be the right traffic.
  2. Present Your Offer – You won’t make any money if you don’t have an offer.
  3. Build Your List – Your list is a bunch of people that you can consistently turn around and make a sale to. You don’t want to abuse this list though. Make sure you offer value and are not constantly asking for a sale or they’ll stop paying attention to you.

A Bird’s Eye Of Internet Marketing

Here’s “The Internet” opportunity in a visual format, and what we’ve been talking about up to this point, but let’s delve a little deeper.

Source: Reload Greece

Peeling Back the Layers of Internet Marketing

Remember the misconceptions we touched on earlier?

How you could just use some system and see the money rolling in immediately?

Well, it doesn’t work like that.

The people who hold onto this illusion are usually the same people who end up frustrated and end up quitting within a few short days.

They’ll discredit internet marketing (online marketing) entirely and say that it doesn’t work only because it didn’t work for them.

It didn’t work for them because they didn’t understand it.

I don’t want you to be like them.

Whether You’re A Full-Timer Or A 30 Minute Marketer, You’ll Get The Same Results When You Apply Consistency And Discipline

How do we get started in the right direction?

We start building our lists.

Not a to do list.

And not some other random list you have laying around.

Your list are the people who have subscribed to or follow your brand/product.

These people are who we’ll move down through our funnel towards our offer- whatever it may be.

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The Importance Of Having An Email List

Why an email list is so important?

Let’s imagine that one of the people already on your list started talking about your site while at work to their coworkers and told them to check it out.

One or two of those coworkers decide to hop onto the web and check out your site and while your offer may be appealing to them, they can’t for one reason or another jump on it right now.

If they’re seriously interested they might bookmark your site to visit some other time…

And just like that, you’ve been added to a list of bookmarks that will probably be forgotten about.

Now let’s see how you could avoid being resigned to the list of forgotten bookmarks with the help of a list.

When someone subscribes to your list, they’ll usually receive regular updates from you whenever you add any updates or release any new products or offers (through an autoresponder – but more on that later).

Even if they haven’t visited your site for months or years.

The only way they won’t see your offers anymore is if they decide to unsubscribe from your list – which is rare if you continuously offer valuable content to them that isn’t always pitching something for sale.

But how do we do it?

10 Easy Steps to Setup Your Email List [INFOGRAPHIC]

Source: www.virtuallinda.com

Building An Email List

You need something called an autoresponder system.

It sounds complicated, but it really isn’t.

Think of an autoresponder like a robot that does all the work for you after you’ve “programmed” it first.

From the top end of the funnel or autoresponder, we’ll convince our traffic to give us their info (usually a name and a working email), after that we’ll use the autoresponder to do most of our work for us.

By taking the time to create the content or offers for our autoresponder ahead of time, we can program it to keep sending it to new subscribers or even send one time or regular offers to people that have been subscribed to your list for a while.

Best of all, there’s no need to remember what you sent to who.

The autoresponder will keep track of who’s who for you.

There’s a lot of autoresponder programs out there but the one I recommend the most is just ONE of the many tools you will get when you become part of the Global NPN family.

Before you go rushing off to find an autoresponder program, I need you to understand that before you sit down to create your sales funnel to be used with your autoresponder or even before you proceed any further, you need to keep this one question in mind:

  1. What’s in it for the prospect?

If you’re going to create anything, it needs to have some kind of value attached to it.

When you send your prospects through the funnel, make sure they’re receiving value of some kind; whether it’s from free advice or tutorials, etc.

You do not want to make the mistake of trying to sell to them all the time through your funnel.

You will eventually get to that point, but for right now, you want to focus on warming them up. The best way to do that is to offer free value.

This will not only build your reputation but establish trust with your list that you’re not some creepy salesman who’s only interested in making a sale.

Once you’ve determined what’s in it for the prospect, you can work backwards from that to see how your offer can fit into the free value you can later sell in your funnel.

I think that’s enough to cover today without overwhelming you, so let’s end things right here for today.

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Great Work!

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