Do More To Market Your Message
 (In Less TimE)

It's not about Faster, it's about Focus.

Are you struggling with not having enough time because you don’t know what and where to focus your time?

As you know and there is no doubt, competition is fierce in your chosen market (that is why you choose it, right?). And it is getting tougher every day to deliver your message. How can you be a little better, stronger, faster, or smarter?  Everyone is looking for an edge, that angle that no one is else is using…

Congrats because you made it here and good news! There are a few ways to take control of your life and day and be a stronger marketer. reveals an age old secret (or three) that has been hidden in plain site…

That’s right hidden in plain “site” as in right here on this website are the gooroo secrets that have been hidden from you, but no more…

It starts with some theory, why?

Well because too many people have read too much about free and push button ways to make money on the Internet that just aren’t true. Not without understanding why marketing tactics and techniques are used. The strategy behind them…

So when you are ready to accept that

 Go ahead and dig in and don’t worry we’re not going anywhere if you need to come back, we’ll still be here.

Repeat as needed

I recommend that no matter what you read ... read it once, then read it again, then again and take notes. Then take action.

Where’s the catch?

Good question, but I have a better answer. “I am here to give as much valuable information free on this website as I can. Well that answer is too simple, right? Thing is I’ve learned from some best people in this industry, and I could never give back as much as I have got. And this is my way of paying it forward. Of course I have my own products and I promote other peoples products that you may like to buy to increase your knowledge, but the free stuff here will always be FREE.”

Why is different?

I’ve spent way too much time on the Internet. And I’m sick and tired of the Shiny Objects and Get Rich Quick shenanigans, and information (both free and paid) that’s mostly just fluff, on the way to a link to a money grab. The reason I built this website was to share what I learn but also to give you way of using your free time to help you break down and use simple marketing strategy, such as direct response marketing to make a living online.

Best place to start.

Start with the proven and simple method for building a second income online allows any beginner marketer to see genuine results quickly.
It's a simple and effective blueprint ... that you can start today. 

Why bother you ask?

Quite simply it is going to save you a lot of time and money, both of which most people starting out with affiliate marketing are short on...

Click on the big red button to get started today.

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After you check out the blueprint above ... spend some time looking around the blog…

I honestly believe that you will be spending a lot of time on this site for a long time, so I want you to get and be comfortable. My suggestion is for you explore the blog. After you take a look, and only then, take the next logical step and sign up for the Minutes (newsletter) daily email.
So, to explore these topics, click on link above to go to the blog. Or, if you want to skip ahead of the line (not recommended) and subscribe (but seriously signup for the simple traffic blueprint first), then just click on the blog button below.

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