So here at I try to talk and focus a lot on copywriting, and I do this because it is the most interesting thing in my opinion.

And quite truthfully the least I know about.

My background is in IT, I am a network engineer by trade and I know how to build the Internet from the ground up all the technical stuff when building websites, using PHP code snippets or pasting in HTML codes does not scare me off, even setting up DNS and redirection and email accounts is not hard for me, I actually feel at home with it.

But when it is time to write copy, or just a simple sales page, I freeze up and start looking for other things that need to be done and wind up wasting the 30 minutes that I have for the night or the Sunday afternoon before me and my oldest son watch the Dallas Cowboys play football, yep I said America's Team been a fan my whole life...

Anyway back to the Top 10 Internet or Webpage Copywriting Secrets;

Effective website copywriting is extremely different than traditional copywriting, but I will say you have to start with the basics and you can do that here - The masters of copywriting past and present.

But based upon just what actually works best and does not work so well  from studying dozens of web sites and marketers here are what are seen as the Top 10 website copywriting secrets:

When you use them, your site will gain a significant advantage over other marketers and your success and profits will start to increase and rise.

1. What is this page about?

What is in it for me?

What do you want me to do and why should I do it?

Answer these questions right away.

The reader will certainly leave your site unless these questions are plainly and quickly answered in the beginning seconds...

2. You have to have a solid, reader-benefit heading.

The heading is without a doubt one of the most integral parts of your site as far as its performance.

The words used (ie the copywriting) must provide your reader the benefits of your services or product, a huge pledge, a reward that the reader desires, something that answers or solves their pain point and also as specific and to the point as possible.

3. Focus your copywriting to achieve one primary goal, which must be to get your viewers interested to take your call to action or place their order with your, ie download your freebie or click that affiliate link.

By laser-focusing on one action you would like your reader to do most, your copywriting will certainly hit the target and this is how your page becomes effective.

Of course there will be other pieces information and details on your web site and most likely you will have a secondary goal for your readers to email you or sign up for your newsletter or download your lead magnet ... however concentrate mostly on the one particular activity you want the prospective customer to take.

This is where a sales page and your webpage will different.

Or a squeeze page with just a single action, such as enter your email and get your freebie, this is when your copywriting will allow you to concentrate all your power on one single finite action...

4. Be amazing, informative, to the point, and intriguing.

People will certainly not check out something that is boring if they don't have to.

Make sure you stay clear of "industry talk" that is filled with "we" and also general details the viewers already recognizes and knows.

5. Create with the primary goal to get sales or leads; and also do not focus too much on SEO or write for the internet search engines, you want Google to like your article but you want the person who came to read it be able to understand what you are saying, so remember you are writing for a real person that you want to build a relationship with.

Your site may be listed high by the search engines, yet just what good is that if it does not bring you leads and also sales, and keep your readers coming back.

6. Motivate interested readers to interact with you.

All the great salespeople market a lot more successfully by interacting with a prospect compared to by simply emailing.

This is where your social media marketing will come into play, chatting builds rapport, and allows people to get to know, like and trust you.

Also ask questions so it feels customized to the potential customers particular wants and needs, make that connection with them that others do not or miss out on.

7. Words SELL and also pictures are secondary, so be sure to invest properly in the copywriting on your site.

8. Answer the worries as well as objections the reader has.

Make a checklist of commonly asked questions, build a FAQ.

Answer them for the reader on your site.

Getting over worries and concerns is exactly what usually secures the sale.

9. Use customer reviews, make an offer, add in  a guarantee that tells your prospects if they buy from you and take action and show you the action they have taken you will happily refund their money.

But make it clear they have to take action and work with you before the refund.

Put it on the customer to do some work, after all you put in a lot of time and effort (those 30 minute sessions have added up into a great product!) do not let the customer waste your time, but if they are willing to work with you and they become successful this is a win for you both!

10. This is not the moment to be economical, well I will just say it here, DO NOT BE CHEAP!

Hire the most effective copywriter you can pay for if you try and your copy just keeps falling flat.

Don't get me wrong try your best and write you own stuff as often as you can, but at the end of the day you are here to make money, so if you have to spend some to make some then do it.

Don't let being a bad writer keep you from getting where you want to go!

All right there you have it the Top 10 Internet or Webpage Copywriting Secrets...

I know not really secrets and a lot of this doesn't even have to do with copywriting per say but I always want to do my best to drive home my points of what you are spending each and every moment on here.

And that is building your brand, your business and your confidence to keep at it until you succeed...

Garry Baker

My name is Garry Baker and I am the founder of Work at your online business for 30 minutes a day for 30 days and I guarantee you will have built something to be proud of as well as have a solid foundation that you can use to start to generate income online.