You have to be a student of whatever you choose “to do” in life if you want to be successful at it.

I have been in IT, network engineer and in communications my entire adult life, the United States Air Force “gave” me that skill…

… actually they didn’t give me anything but that is what a lot of people think.

I have spent countless hours and, I do not even want to count or think about ...

... how much I have spent on books, CBT (Computer Based Training) videos, live training classes, going to conferences and traveling to locations to take certification exams, because there are only a few locations that exam is given.

All that time and money took me to where I am now in my IT career, the ability to earn a solid 6 figure income.

It also taught me how to study and how to approach learning a topic and becoming a master at that topic.

You have to humble yourself and expect that you will not know everything when you first start out ...

... and do not think that someone or everyone can teach you something if you just take the time to listen to them.

One of the greatest copywriters of all time, Gene Schwartz said you have to, "Be the best listener you ever met."

And the point of this post, you need to find people and ideas that resonate with you and grab those ideas and become a student of them, to succeed in Marketing.

Recently I stumbled across a new marketer, well new to me anyway, that is part of what I love about this career change I am going thru, everything is new, fresh and exciting again!

This Quote:

“The More You Tell, The More You Sell.” --John Carlton

... just sparked a light bulb to go off and stay on for me.

Lots of wisdom inside just a few words and I want to take some time to tell you want they mean to me at first glance …

… and then ask you what you got from the quote after you read it, either now if for the first time, of if you know more about the quote and John Carlton then share that as well.

Here is the main point that hit me, just because for me I like things to be concise, quick and direct and to the point this is not the norm and not the best practice when it comes to selling.

To me getting to the point with as few words as possible is what I like, but that is not what resonates with most people you are trying to get your message to and help with your product.

People today have more information thrown at them and less time to absorb it with all the distractions online no doubt about that.

But if and when you grab someone’s attention, and peak their interest you need to spend as much time as you need to show and explain just how awesome and life changing your product is.

Because the thing is if you do not spend the time to get your complete message across to them then they will never know how great your product is.

And they will miss out and never understand all the reasons why they should take the opportunity and spend the money to change their lives.

But also the quote drives home the idea of not just spending a lot of time and words to deliver your message but also spread it far and wide.

Of course as far and wide as your market, niche and sub-niche allows.

Do not try and sell to people that are not interested in your message or feel the pain and have zero interest in listening to you and is never going to buy from you.

Like they say, “That is like teaching a pig to read.
All you are doing is wasting your time and annoying the pig.”

Now this one quote,

“The More You Tell, The More You Sell.” --John Carlton

... will not make me a great copywriter or a great seller just after reading it.

But what it will do and has done, which the proof is in simple act of writing this post.

I now know that I need to spread my message far and wide and spend enough time to make sure that it is getting to the people that need and/or want it.

And I am not going to hinder myself or anyone else that I might hire or have help me write my message by trying or thinking that I need to be short sweet and to the point.

Of course do not just write a lot of words that might bore people or waste their time, always make sure you are delivering value and staying on point with your message.

And at this point I am going to wrap this up ‘cause I do not want to bore or lose my point with a bunch of unnecessary words, (which I hope I have not already done…)

So do me a favor and leave a comment and share this message if it resonates with you and you think it will resonate with another person …

And if you are or have been a student of John Carlton let me know about that too … because I always want to learn and be the best listener you ever met.

Garry Baker

My name is Garry Baker and I am the founder of Work at your online business for 30 minutes a day for 30 days and I guarantee you will have built something to be proud of as well as have a solid foundation that you can use to start to generate income online.