We can all agree that...

It all starts with a profitable niche.

If there is one thing that most people fail to do is pick a profitable niche.

We’ve made it easy for you…

We’ve compiled a list of the most profitable niches we could come across.

Each niche is evergreen and always in demand with no trends.

It’s advisable that you choose a niche that you understand and are passionate about.

Blogging just to make money will most likely not bear fruit.

Think of PLR marketing as way of helping people with their problems and getting paid in the process. 

Here is what you'll learn:

  • In PLR marketing, passion is key. You need to at least like the niche you are getting into. You can write from personal experiences or problems you’ve faced and how to solve them. This way your readers will connect with you as they interact with your content.
  • The 8 most profitable niches with a huge market and low to moderate competition.
  • How every niche has several sub niches, pick one and start marketing.

1. Health (Alternative health, health treatments, weight loss, etc.)

The health market is one of the largest markets in the world.

People will do anything, spend all their wealth just to get good treatment.

It is estimated that the health & wellness industry is worth more than $1 trillion.

The health niche is not likely to slow down as everyone is now turning to healthy lifestyles in a bid to live longer.

Creating content in this niche is a breeze, you can write your own content or hire a writer at an affordable price.

Why health and wellness?

  • It’s a large market that is divided into submarkets, which are less competitive. Focusing on a specific niche helps improve relevance and authority. Do you know what that means? It means more love from Google.
  • Products in the health sector are relatively expensive. The higher the price of a product, the higher the commission. Products such as gym equipment cost upwards of $1000.
  • Good health is an important aspect of everyone’s life. This means that people are willing to spend a lot to live a healthy life.
  • Health is not a one-time thing. It’s recurring which means that there is a need for repeat purchases.

Health niches include: High blood pressure, weight loss for women, acne, stress, joint pain, addiction, childhood obesity, nootropics, increasing testosterone, food allergies, diet, cellulite removal.

Just look at the trends for the childhood obesity niche. It isn’t going anywhere…

2. Relationships and Love

Interested in personal, real-life topics?

The relationship niche might be exactly what you need.

Human beings are social creatures and will always crave for relationships and company.

There are perks to being in a relationship.

Although the rate of divorces is on the rise, people are getting into new relationships and remarrying.

Relationships is a competitive niche but that should not stop you from pursuing what you are good at.

It also encompasses romance and dating, that’s a lot of ground to cover.

The dating market is huge, in the US alone close to 50 million people use online dating.

The romance and dating market will continue growing as people resort to technology to find a companion.

Dating services are on the rise and individuals are now more than ever investing loads of money in such services to increase their odds of getting a partner. 

Why relationships?

  • People yearn for love and companionship. Every day millions search online for love, pick-up lines, dating advice, marriage counselling, sex life improvement, etc. People are willing to spend in order to get a companion or marriage advice.
  • There is plenty of information on dating, romance, relationships and sex life.
  • Relationships and dating is a tricky niche that requires topical relevance. This means that you are better off tackling a sub niche of dating or targeting a specific demographic such as seniors or teenagers.

Niche ideas include:

Adoption, dating for gamers, breast feeding, baby shower, dating for professionals, senior dating, home schooling, divorce, dating for disabled people, wedding planning, sex life, online marriage counselling.

3. Hobby Niches

Hobby niches don’t have a huge following which also means that not a lot of people are keen on investing in these niches.

This doesn’t mean that you won’t make your desired profit.

On the contrary, you might find this to be a very interesting niche and with huge profits to its name.

People are always online looking for cool life hacks or DIY that can be helpful at home or at work.

Websites with DIY tutorials and guides tend to have a huge fan base.

Niche ideas include home gardening, survival guides, woodworking, gun collecting, arts and crafts, etc.

Although hobbies tend to vary from one individual to another, they are activities that people love to do and are willing to spend a lot.

Preferably, look for niches who's following are mainly middle and high-income consumers.

Why hobby niches?

  • The sports market is huge from snowboarding, skiing, golfing, biking, watersports to indoor sports. There is so much to talk about in sports.
  • Hunting alone, rakes in close to $23 billion every year.
  • Under hobby niches is holidays and travel which is a very lucrative market. Online booking rakes in $498 billion. People will always go for vacations and their favorite source of best destinations is either travel magazines or online reviews.

Other hobby niches include: bow hunting, urban farming, bee keeping, survivalist, bread care, iPhone photography, woodworking, gun collecting.

4. Wealth Niches

Wealth is a large niche that covers multi-level marketing, affiliate marketing, internet marketing, business opportunities, jobs and employment, etc.

Niches like forex trading are very lucrative.

According to Wikipedia, over $5 trillion worth of Forex trades are traded every day.

If you were to capture even the tiniest bit of that market, you would be enjoying holidays in all the exotic places in the world.

However, the Forex trading niche comes with its own set of challenges.

For example, most individuals will pick a known brand that they can trust over a newbie.

It takes time to gain authority in such a niche.

Sub niches such as finance have a huge following.

In addition to that, there will always be people looking for ways to manage their finances, others looking for ways to tame their spending while increasing their income.

Why wealth niches?

  • More often than not, personal finance books top the list best sellers on Amazon. Keywords such as make money have over 3 million searches per month.
  • People are always on the look-out for financial information and ways to better their finances. You can fulfill that insatiable hunger for extra income by providing relevant financial content.
  • Products in this category have a wide range of prices. Some are cheap and others are expensive. Pick out products with a huge following, little competition and decent commissions.

Wealth niches include:

Amazon FBA, online jobs, blogging, senior living, forex.

Senior Living is an evergreen niche as you can see here.

5. High End Products and Services 

This niche has one of the highest commissions but it also has a low conversion rate.

High-end products include yacht rentals, luxury goods, private jet charters and online casinos.

A single sale of a high end product or service such as private jet charter can pay up to thousands of dollars in commissions.

And the best part is that the refund rate of such services is low.

There is also payday loans.

If life has taught you anything is that financial management is not a skill for everyone.

There will always be people in need of money to get them out of jam.

If they do not have the required money at hand, who do they turn to?

Payday loans.

You will be sorting them out and getting paid in the process.

Online gambling is another huge market and the thing with gamblers is that they rarely quit.

Today a team messes his bet, tomorrow he places another bet hoping to recover money lost the previous day.

This cycle continues for a whole year.

In online gambling, the best niche to invest in is online casinos.

The more the player loses the more you are paid since you a get a percentage of the losses.

Why high end products and services?

High end product and services niches:

  • The people spending in this niche have decent buying power.
  • There’s no limit to how much the products and services costs as the target customer has more spending than the average person.
  • The customers here are passionate and wealthy individuals with lots of potential to be returning buyers.

Luxury car renting, private jet charters, online casinos, yacht rentals, consulting services.

Yacht rentals show no signs of slowing down. 

6. Gaming Niches

Back in the day, gaming was associated with kids and teenagers.

A lot has changed since then, nowadays gaming enjoys a wide following from people of all ages, social status and gender.

Technological advancements have turned mobile gaming into a very lucrative industry.

Every day millions of smartphone users search for new online games to play, this is a huge market that is ripe of PLR marketing.

Users are always looking for gaming reviews to pick new games.

And the best part about gaming, is that game developers keep releasing updates making it a continuous cycle where the players keep coming back.

Players will need to keep abreast with new updates and that’s where you come in.

The community of gamers is growing rapidly and most of these gamers are willing to spend money to get a coveted title.

To unlock a level, a skill or a challenge a player is often asked to part with some money.

This makes it a very profitable niche to pursue.

Why gaming niches?

  • People here are passionate about their hobbies and will continue to be.
  • Lots of potential for varying angles and personalities in every one of the niches.
  • The niche is evolving and seems to be evergreen as video games have been around for decades now.

Gaming niche examples:

Loot box openings, role play, VR gaming, glitches and corruptions, game reviews, game theories, walkthroughs, easter egg hunting, mostages, gaming mods, mobile gaming, online gambling. 

The VR gaming niche is booming with interest.  

7. Lifestyle

This is one of the hardest niche to conquer.

It is so broad and most marketers often focus on anything and everything to do with life.

To succeed in this niche, you are either helping to solve a problem that a lot of people experience or you are writing content that a lot of people are passionate about.

Once you find a profitable niche and dig into it, you’ll find yourself figuring out your audience’s problems and solving them with the right products and services.

Why lifestyle niches?

  • The customers here are willing to spend money to solve their problems and reach their desires.
  • Lots of potential for different angles and target audiences as people come from all walks of life.
  • There are a lot of niches to explore here.

Sub niches include: gardening, travel, organization, survival, homesteading, home/outdoor décor.

The homesteading niche doesn’t show any signs of slowing down anytime soon. 

8. Beauty And Fashion

The beauty and fashion market is very competitive.

Also, women tend to be very choosy when it comes to beauty products.

They prefer beauty products that have been tried and tested, products that have been endorsed by a big brand or celebrity.

They also have sites that they trust to get information of new and upcoming products.

The same case applies to fashion, people want to keep up with the latest fashion trends.

They want to wear clothes associated with big brands and celebrities.

This makes it hard to conquer this niche.

Beauty and fashion is considered to be the holy grail of niches.

Not only do you make money but you also get access to cool events that you would have otherwise not known about.

However, succeeding in this niches is HARD.

Unlike other niches, beauty & fashion does not rely on great content, it is more about your personality and how well you are able to get yourself out there.

You will find that most beauty & fashion marketers tend to focus more on Instagram and YouTube before venturing into lifestyle blogs.

This is because Instagram and YouTube are visual platforms and it is easy to gain a huge following with any of the two platforms.

Once you gain a huge following you can then direct them to your beauty & fashion blogs.

Why beauty and fashion niches?

  • People want to look better and younger and more fashionable and they will continue to be interested in this.
  • These niches are evergreen and has been around since the beginning of time.
  • There are lots of products and services to offer here with lots of affiliate programs.

Beauty and fashion niches:

Makeup tutorials, cosmetic reviews, hair care, skin care, anti-aging, clothes review, fitness clothes.

There’s no better time to enter the anti-aging niche...  

Final Words

Everybody wants to invest in the most profitable niche but only few are willing to conduct the extra research that is required.

Don’t rush into a blog just yet, take your time figure out if you are interested in the niche.

Figure out which niche has the best affiliate programs and if the program is in line with your marketing plan.

Dive deep into the sub niches.

Choose a niche that has a large market and recurring consumers.

Also, be sure to pick a niche that will withstand the test of time.

Niches such as health, romance and wealth will never go out of style.

People will always want to live a healthy life, they will always want love and they will most definitely need money.

Choosing a niche is the easy part, the hard part comes in monetizing your content.

Target a specific audience, you can try teenagers, women, men, hunters, seniors, couples and you can dig deeper by targeting age and / or professions.

Learn how to use keywords to increase traffic to your content.

Also, learn how to use the various marketing strategies to convince your readers to use the products/services on offer.

Once you take action, you’ll learn what works and what doesn’t. 

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