​Chances are, you’ve heard of content marketing.

Maybe you just haven’t been good at it or maybe you’re already a little overwhelmed by the list of things you need to do for your blog.

So what is it exactly?

Content Marketing is the process of using content to build an audience by engaging and establishing trust with the goal of converting browsers into buyers.

One of the keys to doing this is with your content.

The problem is, you may not have enough content.

If you want to stand out from the crowd, you need high-quality content.

It can get expensive when you’re paying a decent writer to do all the hard work for you and you may not have enough time.

What can you do to offset this expense?

We'll get into it...​

Buying PLR Content

​PLR content is much cheaper than the personalized content you’d get from a professional.

If you’re on a budget, this is the best way to go.

You’ll get high quality content that can be used effectively – and with a few easy tweaks, you can make it your own.

You need to remember that the same content can be purchased by other people - you need to tweak it if you want to rank high on the search engines, not to mention if you want it to stand out.

​Publishing PLR Content

​So how do you publish PLR content effectively?

1. Publish PLR content in your newsletter

Whether you put out a newsletter or just send out content-rich emails, you can use PLR content.

The key is to purchase PLR content on subjects related to your niche.

All you’ll have to do is personalize it a bit and you’ll have enough content for your marketing campaigns for a long time to come.

Think of the time you’ll save - time you can devote to other aspects of your business.

​2. publish PLR content on your blog

With a few personalized tweaks, PLR content is a great choice for your blog.

You can tweak it by including relevant links, adding updates and adding new information to it.

You can add in your own comments to create unique content and rank higher on the search engines. 

​3. Use PLR content to create an Info-product

Simply purchase PLR content on specific topics and you will be able to tie content together and create an info-product – such as an ebook, special report, or tutorial.

You can give this away as a incentive to  get new subscribers

​4. Publish PLR Content On social media

Social media is the rage today - with PLR content, you can have a backlog of high quality information about your topic and share it on all the popular social media sites.

​How To Make Money Using PLR Content

Use PLR content as paid info-products

You can turn your PLR content into a paid info-product by tweaking the content to your niche.

Perhaps there’s a specific problem relating to your niche - you can turn the content into a how-to guide to solve the problem.

Use PLR content with affiliate programs

Your PLR content can make you money when it is used to promote related products or services – which you get paid for by using affiliate links.

You can add affiliate links to PLR content and use it on your website, add it to your follow-up email autoresponder, or use it as an info-product.

Use The Content To Generate Adsense Revenue

AdSense remains to be one of the popular ways to make money online.

Some people have neglected this method because they think it makes little money.

I believe that AdSense is still one of the most viable methods you can incorporate in your web properties and make some good money.

What’s better?

You will always make money whenever a visitor clicks on the advertisements.

Use PLR Content To Make A Product Round Up

Spinning articles to make a 10 best list will always be a lucrative way to make money.

With some good spun content, you can be assured of more traffic to your website.

Besides, visitor who land on these type of articles will always have a buyer intent.

This means you will have some pretty good conversion rates on all your products.

Use as Giveaways

Giveaways are always considered to be a good way to build customer loyalty.

Your subscribers and long-time clients will appreciate quality content as a free giveaway.

Most webmaster who’ve used giveaways have reported a positive change in terms of likeability.

Convert The Content Into A Physical Product

There is a high percentage of people who prefer physical products over digital products due to credibility issues.

You can opt to publish books, magazines, burn software to discs, create audio clips and video tutorials from your PLR content.

This way, you will take care of clients who are looking for physical products.

Create a regular newsletter

Most web entrepreneurs use newsletters to generate income.

This means you can create regular newsletter using PLR content.

The only trick is to ensure that the newsletter provides value to the subscribers.

Besides, you can sprinkle a few affiliate links to the content or also add links that direct people to your money articles.

Load The PLR Content Into An Autoresponder

Autoresponder series always come in handy when you want to keep your readers engaged.

People will always appreciate informative content every week and most importantly, it will help you build a long lasting relationship with your audience.

You just have to load 52 articles in your autoresponder series and your readers will be sorted for an entire year.

Use PLR Content to Research

Do you know that PLR content can be used as the basis for your research?

Well, you might find some articles on search engines which are poorly written but the content is pure gold.

Such articles will not perform well on search engines because readers will have a difficult time trying to figure out the message.

Of course you can take advantage of such a situation by rewriting the ideas in a better way, and you can rest assured that your new articles will perform better.

Submit To Article Directories

Submitting articles to directories can be a good way to make money provided that you include affiliate links.

Of course you will have to tweak the PLR articles before submitting, otherwise the articles will be rejected automatically.

You stand making some good money when you use articles that are related to your niche.

Most directories will provide you with a resource box where you include your bio and links to your websites.

Create an Irresistible EBook

EBooks will never disappoint when it comes to generating passive income.

The best part of it is that they will generate revenue for long term.

You just have to ensure that the EBook has killer content.

How do you do this?

Well, use multiple PLR articles to compile premium content that you will add to your EBook.

Use PLR Content To Start A Membership Site

If you are looking to earn a recurring income using PLR content, you can try kick-starting a membership site.

Most people refrain from starting membership sites because of the amount of work involved.

Fortunately, you can reduce the amount of work by using PLR content on the site.

This means you won’t have to brainstorm ideas for your next topic.

All that is required is modifying the content to suit your audience.

Create Podcasts

Podcasts are increasingly becoming popular and most people are making money from them.

As long as you have good content to share, creating podcasts will be an easy task.

PLR content will definitely give you enough ideas to share on podcasts.

You can then share the podcasts on iTunes and other platforms in order to reach your target audience.

Translate The PLR Content To Foreign Languages

Translating articles to foreign languages is a lucrative idea especially if you are bilingual.

There are so many people who are always looking for content that is written in their native languages.

Unfortunately, it so hard to find content in foreign languages yet there is so much money to be made from this group of people.

You can hire good translators to do the job for you, and then include your affiliate links in order to make money.

Create Youtube Videos

You can get a lot of value from your PRL eBooks and articles by converting them to interesting videos.

Most people are leaning towards YouTube because it has lively and informative videos.

You can take advantage of the platform by creating videos based on the PLR content you have.

How do I make money?

Well, you can monetize your videos with ads and affiliate links.

Besides, you can send some traffic to your blog.

Sell Your PLR Ebook on the backend

Another option that is quite profitable is incorporating the PLR eBooks into your backend marketing funnel.

Once you start building your sales funnel, you can test with affiliate products first, before you proceed to create your own product.

I am pretty sure you will want to enjoy all the profits of your products as opposed to commissions from affiliate products.

On the other hand, you will start earning money almost immediately once you promote affiliate products on the backend.

Gurus recommend that you should convert your PLR eBooks to videos or audios in order to increase the conversion rate as well as the price tag.

Compile Articles From Your PLR Ebooks

Sometimes ebook content does not appeal to readers because of huge blocks of texts.

You can turn this around by breaking the content into readable and interesting articles that can generate revenue.

Besides, affiliate links can be easily incorporated to articles as opposed to e-books.

Sell PLR Ebooks And Allow The Affiliates To Keep The Profits

​​While this might seem like a bad idea, it is one of the business models that will give you long term clients.

For starters, your affiliates will be super motivated to generate sales and at the same time you will get a long list of customers.

All that is required of you is to redo the content to avoid plagiarism issues.

You will be amazed by how many customers you will get from this business model.

Make Use Of PLR Content To Partner With Local Businesses

You can rely on different PLR ebooks to create a detailed and unique report that relates to your business as well as the local business you are looking to partner with.

For instance, you can provide information that can help customers shop for products in your niche.

The trick here is adding affiliate links so that you earn a commission every time you refer a customer to purchase a product from the local business.

Create Seminars or webinars from PLR content  

Most of the PLR Ebooks you own can help you to create helpful seminars that has the potential of generating significant income.

Besides, you can use the content to compile a powerpoint presentation for your workshop attendees to use.

There is a high number of people who love to participate in seminars and they are willing to buy tickets and pay for webinars.

Create Training Guides Or Tips Booklets   

Instead of creating small reports from PLR ebooks, you can compile a tips booklet that is related to a certain business.

As long as you create a booklet that has value, you can generate huge sales by offering booklets to companies.

Most businesses will brand the booklets and give them as free gifts to the customers.

How do you profit?

Well, you will just charge a small fee for each booklet.

This way, you stand to make a lot of money because you will sell the booklets in volumes.

Of course this is much better than selling the booklets or training guides to individuals.

Submit To Ebook Directories 

This is a pretty nice idea for people who do not have a platform to market their content.

There are hundreds of free ebook directories which you can submit your modified PLR ebook.

You just have to customize the content, and make it as interesting as possible.

In case you don’t want to use free directories, there are so many paid directories which you can leverage to land many clients.

The good thing about directories is that they have an author’s page which you can include your details and a link to your website if you have one.

Offer Bundling Rights With The Product You Wish To Sell 

Offering bundling rights works like a charm when you want to boost your product sales.

Entrepreneurs will make use of such an opportunity to create offers which most customers can’t resist.

You just have to package the resell product with other services or products you wish to sell.

Create A Website For Flipping 

Flipping websites has always been a lucrative business for most webmasters.

Surprisingly, you can rewrite PLR content and post a couple of articles on a website.

Sell the website on Flippa or other marketplaces as soon as it starts earning some good money.

People out there are looking to buy websites that are generating revenue because they know their value.

Sell The PLR Products With Resell Rights 

If you can get your hands on PLR products that come with transferable rights, then you should count yourself lucky.

I am saying this because it will be much easier to modify the products in order to add some originality.

You can then opt to sell your new products with resell rights.

This method will bring you passive income for a longer time.

Besides, you can also try to sell the resell rights to interested buyers and make huge profits.

Conduct A Fire Sale Using Multiple PLR Ebooks 

For you to make money as a marketer, you must sell your products on offer at times.

In fact, you can do the same with PLR ebooks in order to lure interested parties to purchase your package.

This idea works wonders especially when you sell multiple e-books in a single niche.

You can increase the price by a small margin after every 24 hours and most importantly include transferable rights on some of the products.

Use A PLR Ebook To Promote The Best-Selling Products 

There are so many niches out there that people are willing to spend money on.

All you need to do is identify such a niche and a product that has a high probability of selling.

Of course, you can sell one of the best-selling products in your niche instead of trying something new.

The trick here is finding a PLR ebook that is closely related the product and then tweak it to look original.

Make sure you insert the affiliate link for the product you want to sell and then distribute the final report to directories, forums and social media groups.

Turn Your PLR Articles And E-Books Into Viral Products 

I am pretty sure you all know how profitable viral products can be.

The only problem that people encounter is coming up with viral products all by themselves.

Fortunately, you can minimize the amount of work required by simply rewriting PLR content and adding something that will attract the attention of people.

It can be something that is controversial or humorous.

Just ensure that it sparks interest and discussion in such a way people will share around groups and social media platforms.

Finally, make sure you add links to your website or product links in the e-book before you distribute it around the internet.

Utilize PLR Ebooks To Generate Leads 

Ebay was once considered as the go to platform whenever marketers wanted to generate leads.

Unfortunately, most people have abandoned the platform after they banned marketers from selling downloadable information products.

Honestly, there are still several ways you can rely on to generate leads on Ebay.

For starters, you can convert your e-books to CDs or physical books and sell them at a very affordable price.

You will be surprised how far these products will go in terms of converting prospects into customers.

Create Offline Flyers With The Help Of PLR Articles 

Most people ignore the fact that you can advertise your business using offline flyers.

You do not have to over rely on online platforms to reach your target market.

Just use your PLR articles as the basis to create super helpful flyers and distribute them on the streets, hang them on notice boards, or ask companies to insert the flyers into shopping bags.

There is a high probability that your flyers will reach potential customers.

Use The Articles To Create Surveys, Petitions, Or Quizzes 

PLR articles are really great when it comes to creating interactive quizzes and surveys.

You just have to ensure that the quizzes and surveys are engaging and catchy.

In most cases you will have to offer an incentive for people to participate.

So, how do you make money?

Well, you will get an email list since interested parties will have to submit their email id and name in order to participate in the quiz, petition or survey.

You can monetize these interactive features by placing banner ads, text links, or AdSense ads.

Use PLR Articles To Create A Press Release 

In case you didn’t know, PLR content can be used as a basis to create a press release.

Webmasters rely on press releases to point readers to their new websites.

You can actually do the same so that your website can start getting visitors immediately you launch it.

Just avoid pitching anything in the PR, otherwise the newspaper editor won’t publish it.

Sell Rewrites 

Another great option you might consider is rewriting your PLR articles and sell them to webmasters and publishers who are seeking for informative content.

Moreover, there are several platforms where you can sell rewrites for a good price as long as they are plagiarism free.

Rewrite PLR Articles & Use Them For Guest Posting 

Guest posts are considered to be one of the most legit ways to create backlinks to your website.

Most sites allow other bloggers to submit guest posts as long as they are in the same niche.

You just have to rewrite a PLR article and ensure that the piece you submit adheres to the requirements of the website’s owner.

Guest posts will help you build your site’s authority and perform better on search engines.

In addition, they will help drive traffic to your site.

Populate Your Forum Using PLR Articles 

Starting your own forum can be a daunting task because people are always reluctant when it comes to contributing in newly created forums.

You can motivate people to participate in the forum by simply sharing good content from PLR articles.

Informative content will always spark discussion in forums.

Use Plr Content On Social Media Pages 

Social media remains to be one of the largest sources of traffic for websites.

There is a lot of money to be made from social platforms as long as you keep your audience engaged.

Unfortunately, most people complain that they don’t have enough content to post on a daily basis.

You can solve this issue by simply tweaking PLR articles and post them on your social media sites.

This means you will never run out of content to share with your audience on social media.

Build An Online Course

Online Courses have always been on a high demand in the past few years.

In fact, people are making thousands of dollars by selling courses to newbies who are looking to learn some skills.

Amazingly, you can also create an awesome online course with the help of PLR ebooks and articles.

Once you set up your course, you can choose to give it for free, or sell it to clients.

Just ensure that the course will provide enough value to the clients, in order to build your reputation in the industry.

Use PLR Content To Post Answers On Forums

Forums have always come in handy when one is looking to direct traffic to their main blogs.

How do you do this?

Simple: Engage people in forums by answering their questions in a detailed way.

You can add a link to help those who are looking for additional information regarding the topic.

Another awesome idea is using PLR to brainstorm topics for discussion.

Make sure the topics you choose are related to the forum and they have the potential to spark a lengthy discussion.

The good thing about posting in forums is that you will get additional traffic to your blog and build strong backlinks.

Use PLR Articles To Help You With Blog Commenting

You can rewrite bits of your PRL articles and use them to comment on blogs that are related to your niche.

You just have to find websites that allow blog commenting and post a relevant comment.

Website that have a commentluv plugin will allow you to post a link to your article at the end of the comment.

You will always get a few visitors to your website from the blog comments.

Use PLR Ebooks To Write Content For Clients

PLR ebooks will always offer loads of knowledge when it comes to popular topics in your niche.

This means you will have a lot of resources to write unique and helpful articles for your clients.

I am sure your clients will pay you a good amount of money for such articles as long as they are 100% unique.

​Customizing PLR Content

The key to using PLR content so it ranks high on the search engines is to customize, or personalize, the content.

1. Adapt it to your niche

Most private label content can easily be adapted to a narrower niche market.

One great way to do this is to add images, screenshots, videos, and other graphic aids.

These simple tweaks are easy to add and create unique content.

2. Add more content 

Most private label content can easily be adapted to a narrower niche market.

One great way to do this is to add images, screenshots, videos, and other graphic aids.

These simple tweaks are easy to add and create unique content.

​3. Combine content. 

Use excerpts from different PLR content to create new content, such as an article or report.

This sets your PLR content apart from the standard PLR content purchased by everyone else.


The bottom line is to profiting from PLR content is to simply purchase the content and make your own.

It’s your choice….


​In summation, it is evident that there are so many ways you can make money from PLR content.

You can combine a few ideas that you’ve learnt and see how they will work out for your business.

A lot of people are profiting big time by utilizing PLR ebooks and articles.

Now it is upon you to decide how you want to profit from your PLR content.

Garry Baker

My name is Garry Baker and I am the founder of 30MinuteMarketing.net. Work at your online business for 30 minutes a day for 30 days and I guarantee you will have built something to be proud of as well as have a solid foundation that you can use to start to generate income online.