Funnelytics Pro Review

I stumbled across Funnelytics free version a while back and instantly signed up to have one tool to draw out and have a visual reference of all the sales funnels I create in my business.

Also, now I have a single convenient place to keep them all organized as well.

The funnels you draw can be saved as PNG files and downloaded and shared as well.

So what is Funnelytics Pro?

Funnelytics Pro gives you one visual platform for tracking your goals and conversion rates thru each step of your sales funnels.

Allowing you to instantly track people as they flow through your sales funnels.

Showing which ads and traffic sources provide the best ROI.

How Do You Currently Map Out Your Sales Funnels?

You were probably mapping out your sales funnels just like I was, before I found and signed up for the Funnelytics free version...

You have a white board (which is a must have) that you draw out your masterpiece on and then before it gets erased (hopefully) you take a picture of it with your phone.

Or you open up PowerPoint or the random drawing app or even a MindMup or two along the way as the ideas pop into your head and you want to get the funnel flow mapped out while it is top of mind...

And then you are left to go back and try and round up all those funnels at some point, and you and I both know that never happens...

So, they are lost forever.

What you need is one single location to store all your sales funnels, in one single convenient location for easy reference...

And that is what you get with your Funnelytics free account.

Fantastic Now You’ve Mapped Out Your Sales Funnels, And You’re Ready to Track Your Analytics.

So you head over and login into your Google analytics accounts...

Or you all in one tool, your Clickfunnels account, your ConvertKit account...

Or your HotJar account, or your Improvely account, or any of the other great tools out there that do some tracking at some point through out your sales funnels...

Which are all fantastic tools no doubt about it...

But they don’t give you a single pane of glass (or a birds-eye view) of what’s going on inside your funnels and what is working and not working inside your marketing strategy (i.e. your traffic and conversions).

Yep, that is where I was...

I have my sales funnels all built out in WordPress using Thrive Architect or NPN Architect, and they have built in analytics that are very good and useful, but again not that single pane of glass that at a glance I can tell exactly where my traffic is coming from and at what point that traffic is or is not converting...

That is the missing link, plain and simple...

Take a look at the simple flow and how easy it is to see it all with Funnelytics Pro:

Great, this looks good on the sales page, but what about a real case study of using Funnelytics PRO and how it helped you?

Sure here is a snapshot inside my Funnelytics PRO account:

This is a sales funnel that I tested for a $7 dollar ebook (a tripwire) after an opt-in page for a free report.

As you know I am still a part time marketer (30 Minute Marketer) so I run a lot of funnels like this one with the primary goal to build my email list.

So as you can see I was able to map out this funnel with two traffic sources, a 'Solo Ad' and 'web traffic' (I never started the web traffic in this test so it is a 0%)...

37.37% opt-in on the 'Opt In' page to the sales page, 7 people click thru back to the sales page from my 'Email Followup' and as you can see 0% clicked from the link in the 'Report'...

Now we are instantly able to see where and what parts of this funnel were a success and where I need to work on an optimize for conversions the next time I run traffic to this funnel.

And here is a look at all the funnels I currently have drawn up and are waiting for the big day when I drive traffic to them:

Again the perfect place to keep all your great funnel ideas in one location.

Are You A "Funnel Hacker"?

Another one of the benefits of Funnelytics Pro is the Funnel Vault.

It is a collection of the some funnels of the biggest names in the industry.

This is called the VAULT (as you can see in the image below) and it includes Clickfunnels Templates, the Funnelytics Templates and Swipe Files, which gives you access to the current Top Marketing Funnels today.

Here Is My Complete Video Review and Look Inside of Funnelytics PRO

My Final Thoughts On Funnelytics PRO

If you are at the point where you just need to keep track of your funnel, then get the Funnelytics free account for now...

You can always upgrade later on to the Funnelytics PRO, but remember that is is currently being offered as a one time lifetime upgrade, as it is still in BETA (as of this post, 23 October 2018)...

When you go PRO you also get access to the Funnelytics members Facebook group and as Mikael Dia the founder of Funnelytics PRO on the sales page states:

Funnelytics Pro beta group, I am going to be giving you a behind the scenes look at how we are growing this software business.

We are going to share the good and the bad of scaling Funnelytics, including the ads, the funnels we set up, the ROI, the mistakes and hurdles we make."

When that BETA ends Funnelytics PRO will go to a monthly fee, so if it is something you can afford now it is highly recommended that you get it while you can for a one time fee...

And to close, is Funnelytics PRO the perfect tool?


But the team is dedicated and constantly working to improve it, they are very easy to access via support and the Facebook group for any problems, concerns or feature requests you may have.

For me having lifetime access to the tool and the group is part of my journey.

I am constantly learning the things that I need to do (and don't need to do) and for sure this is the kind of tool that is needed so you can truly measure the ROI on your traffic and how well (or not) your sales funnels are doing.

Because at the end of the day it is all about putting in a dollar and getting more than a dollar back on your traffic (advertising) spend, that is how you build and grow your business.

Garry Baker

My name is Garry Baker and I am the founder of Work at your online business for 30 minutes a day for 30 days and I guarantee you will have built something to be proud of as well as have a solid foundation that you can use to start to generate income online.