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This Quote From Dolly Parton Is About To Become Your New Mantra:

“Figure Out Who You Are; Then Do It On Purpose.”

Voice is undoubtedly the most important thing when you discover your message that you want to share with the world and start a blog and hope for it to become a success ... hands down no question about it.

If you do not know what your "voice" is, and know what you want to say on your blog then when new people find you they are not going to hang around long...

And why would they, if you are confused they will be too...

So, how do you find your voice when blogging?

You say what you mean and mean what you say.

Sounds simple enough right?

Your "voice" is not always going to be the same, so don't try and force it to be on your blog.

Let your personality shine thru in the words on your blog.

That is your true voice.

The problem is most of us learned in grade school that the rules matter when you write, before anything else the grammar and sentence structure have to be correct...

Well that is total Horse Pucky and complete Bull Crap ... throw that all out the window, just make it readable and leave the rest to the grammar Nazis and English teachers of the world ... yeah we need them to ( too, as in also 😀 see I was paying attention in class 😀 )

Write like you talk ... I mean what is the point in puttin' on airs when you write your blog and then if and when you do a video or meet people in person you sound completely different...

The most important thing is your "voice", the who you are and what your message is and also how you deliver it ... get that right or correct ... LOL ... and you will have an audience that reads your stuff ... and in turns an audience that buys your stuff.

Some of this comes down to the technical part of "How To Do It", not how to write but how to write and stay true to your voice...

Other pieces of this puzzle are "How To Get Started", and while this may seem like common sense and the easy part ... well common sense is not common and sometimes the easy part is the hardest part for some folks...

With that said lets get into getting your message out to the world by Finding Your Voice...

4 Steps to Finding Your Ideal Writing Voice

qimono / Pixabay

Here are 4 really good steps from copyblogger.com to just "Get Started";

1. Get into the flow

Each day, my students do a three-minute writing warm-up. The only goal is fluency — to produce as much writing as they can in three minutes.

2. Write like you talk

I encourage my students to read their writing aloud and ask themselves or a peer, “Does this sound like me?”

3. Forget conventions (at least at first)

Many of my students have been taught by previous teachers to stifle their voices by writing “standard” English. (Whatever that means.)

4. Write what you know

This is a biggie. For years, I have asked my students to write an essay about who they would put on the face of a new coin.

10 Questions to Find Your Unique Writing Voice

voltamax / Pixabay

When looing for your voice there are 10 questions that can help you find the answer you are looking for ... 3 questions to get you started are below;

What Is a Writing Voice?

How to Find Your Writing Voice?

What Do You Value Most?

And the other 7 can be found over at thewritepractice.com ... but the secret ingredient you are looking for you already have...

It's just you ... Your voice is you ... you already have it you just have to start writing for it to come out.

3 Steps to Finding Your True Writing Voice

Alexas_Fotos / Pixabay

Again we find ourselves heading back over to copyblogger.com just a kick butt site ... over there you will find a professional copywriters answer to the question, "Can you teach me to write like you?"

And the answer just might surprise you, "No because I don't even know how I do it .. I just do it."

But there is a 3 step process that works:

Select Columns Layout

1. Speak your reader's language

2. Know why you are writing

3. Brand it, baby

How to Find Your Writing Voice

StockSnap / Pixabay

Putting your voice out for the world to critique as a writer or a blogger is a lot like going on stage and singing with your heart on your sleeve for all to see ... or hear as the case may be.

This is not easy and most people wind up writing in a voice they "should" use vs the one they want to use and feels right...

Then you start questioning yourself ... and you’re not even sure if your writing reads properly, or whether it has any voice at all.

Answering the following questions found at menwithpens.ca will help you find where you want to be;

What writing voice is appropriate? What is your writing voice, anyways?

Do you even have one?

You don’t know ... but you can find out if you look around ... and you can start at the beginning...

5 Steps for Finding Your Brand’s Voice When Writing for the Web

When you are writing and making content to build your business ... you need to find your "brand"...

This is your voice and is what communicates your brand’s personality, reaches your customers, and makes your content valuable.

You need an effective content marketing strategy...

And it also requires great content that is specifically optimized and written for the web.

Your content needs to be and should be short and simple ... but it has to helpful, memorable, and written for SEO as well...

These technical elements will make your content easy to read ... when done the right way.

But how are you supposed to put all these things together and still keep true to your own voice?

Take a look at these 5 simple steps and examples from www.webascender.com to see how to showcase your brand’s voice when writing for the web.

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1. Consider Your Tone

2. Decide If You Are Literal or Metaphorical

3. Choose Your Words Carefully

4. Speak to Your Audience

5. Be Yourself

How to Steal, Swipe and Imitate to Create Your Own Unique Blogging Voice

Always remember and try not to become a robot or a corporate drone.

You don't want to have the same sound as every other corporate blogger.

You want to sound like you!

Take this sound advice from enchantingmarketing.com:

When you develop your blogging voice, you follow a similar process.

"Nobody is born with a style or a voice. We don’t come out of the womb knowing who we are.

In the beginning, we learn by pretending to be our heroes.

We learn by copying. ~ Austin Kleon"

Find a blogger you like.

Don’t outright copy what he (or she) is writing, but study his copywriting techniques:

Why do his opening paragraphs entice you to read a post?

How do subheadings compel you to read on?

What’s the overall writing tone of his blog posts? Why does he speak so strongly to you?

What makes you smile?

Or nod in agreement?

When do you sigh because he understands so well how you’re feeling?

How long are the posts?

How are they structured?

How short are the paragraphs and sentences?

Does he have any favorite words?

Does he use metaphors?

How does he share details about his life?

Are his blog posts inspirational, entertaining, or useful, or a mix?

How do his closing paragraphs make you feel better or encourage you to take action?

Create your own swipe file with favorite openings, conclusions, metaphors, paragraphs, and words.

Read your swipe file, analyze it, and read it again and again."

The key to developing your own strong blogging voice is about stating your opinions and letting your opinions drive your leadership in your niche.

People that connect with you thru your voice will connect with you, so feel free to be you, and if that is different, eccentric or just a little bit weird, so be it!

Why Finding Your Blogging and Online Voice is a Total Myth

You will start and stop writing on many different subjects and at many different times in your life.

These times will always be different times based on what is happening in your life, and many blog posts will talk about when and how to "find your voice".

And there is nothing wrong with those guides.

But the thing is finding your blogging voice is a bit of a myth. I really don't think it could be put much better than this quote from thesaleslion.com:

What’s funny is I once wrote about how I found my online voice.

Since that time, I’ve reached another conclusion.

I hadnt’ found my voice at all, rather, I’d just moved on to a newer version of me.

My focus, thoughts, and passions had changed—and with it, my writings.

But that’s the way blogs, business, and life work.

They change."

People change and grow, so stop worrying about "finding your voice", it is not your goal, delivering your message is...

This is about GROWTH, pure and simple.

And trust me when I tell you that if you’re growing, happiness will follow."

The Thing To Remember About Finding Your Voice

Find your voice at the end of the day, is no different than just about anything else that you want to do and do well ... you have to start doing it, do it often and do it consistently...

And your voice will come out ... because it is there inside you just do not be afraid to let it out.

So that wraps up some tips and hints to help you find your voice...

At the end of the day, just always remember to enjoy yourself and write as if you’re the only person who’ll ever read your work.

Garry Baker

My name is Garry Baker and I am the founder of 30MinuteMarketing.net. Work at your online business for 30 minutes a day for 30 days and I guarantee you will have built something to be proud of as well as have a solid foundation that you can use to start to generate income online.

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