And here are the results from my 1st attempt at the 9 Word Email:

As I stated in Part 1 of this Case Study, " as of this post, has 40 subscribers in its main prospect email list."

The results from that broadcast are as follows:

A little bit uninspiring I will say the least that only 5 people opened the email out of the 39 subscribers that I sent it to.

And even worse none of those 5 responded back to me.

I will caveat this test with the fact that up to this point this small sample that have signed up for the freebie, as mentioned in Part 1 of this Case Study - a free report on Internet Marketing Startup have been quite unresponsive to any of the follow up emails since they downloaded the report.

To this I will say the art vs the science of email marketing is a subject that could and probably will litter this blog in future posts.

So not to be defeated I move onto a bigger and badder, well move responsive list that I have grown over at my named branded site which is a work in progress, but isn't everything you do in marketing a work in progress? I digress...

Same email, same subject line as before:

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My 9 word email:

Subject: Re: Are You Still Interested?

Are you still interested getting started in internet marketing?


Well I must say that 237 people opening the email is much better, or is it?

237/4681 is a 5% open rate if my Arkansas public school education doesn't let me down...

What about the email list, 5/39 is almost 13% open rate, hmmmmm...

Well the open rate is not really the end goal here, getting people to reply and striking up a conversation is.

And with my 2nd email to my list this is exactly what happened!

Out of the 5% that opened my email, 8 people responded with a positive reply, and out of those 8 replies 2 of the conversations continued past the initial reply.

The 2 conversations that continued past the initial reply ended with me finding out the simple fact that they were interested in internet marketing, but not in affiliate marketing which is really the "thing" that I am selling at this point.

But that is ok, I tested and found out more about the people on my list.

And with all things marketing you have to test and then test some more and keep on testing...

All in all I count this Case Study as a success.

I learned something, and the biggest take away for me is that I need to be ready to engage with my audience and be able to direct them better to other offers and/or be ready to provide training that can help them in all things marketing.

And that is my goal, but I am not at that point yet.

So I ended the 2 email reply conversations pointing them in the direction that I could that I thought would best help them out with what they needed.

I will note that neither of those directions were affiliate links or products, but you win some you lose some, and I am still chalking this up as win...

Speaking of wins, another win in this Case Study was from a Facebook friend, Robert Herdt over at and his Facebook Group.

As you can see from his Facebook message to me he tested the 9 word email and had some very nice results.

After sending it to my list, I pretty much immediately got people responding to the email.

And responding in an awesome way too!

People have been telling me personal things like: Yeah am still interested, but I dropped the ball lately, definitely gonna get going again.

Or one told me that his daughter had her fourth leg surgery and that's why he had to take care of her.

So definitely a very great way to get people to reply, because it truly sounds like you are 'the only one' that is getting the email.

Thanks for that.

Definitely going to use variations of that more often!"

So I will say that is 9 Word Email Mastery with Dean Jackson and Joe Polish – Case Study is a wrap ...

... and was very successful on many levels not just the email replies and interactions but also allowed me to make a great contact by sharing my testing and results of the 9 word email method on social media.

I would highly recommend you give this a try and share your results here in the comments or message me on Facebook (this blog has Facebook enable comments as well) with your results, either way would love to hear about your results good bad and any variations and spin you put on this concept.

Garry Baker

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