When I decided to start my online business I did just like most folks do, I jumped in with both feet and hit the ground running.

But shortly after that, I realized I was lost and had no idea where I was headed.

I needed direction.

And more importantly I needed a way to keep track of the progress I had made, after I got headed in the right direction.

Of course that right direction was powered by the discovery of the importance of using checklists.

So let's talk about and answer the question, why are checklists important? Checklists help you get all your daily, weekly, monthly and yearly tasks completed and done on time. Checklists allow you to focus and stay on track to keep deadlines on all your projects. If you have employees they set the perfect example and gives them a point of reference to start and to finish.

Let's Get Started With A List of 8 Important Reasons To Use Checklist In your Online Business

1. Being More Effective: The Benefits of Using Checklists - Life Optimizer

Stories and use cases abound about how useful checklists are.

Checklists are used in almost every job you can think of, and checklists have even saved lives.

In just about any area you can image checklist have helped people do things more efficiently and avoid costly mistakes.

It is really easy to forget even the simplest things.

When you are faced with a task that included many steps and sometimes steps inside of steps it is most certain that you will forget a thing or two.

A good checklist ensure you will not forget any of the steps.

So, for anything that you do over and over … again and again, and you want to get it right every time, use a checklist.

Not only will a checklist help you do your tasks correct all the time, there are many other benefits of using a checklist.

2. Seven management benefits of using a checklist

There are many tasks while repetitive that most if not all of us have to get done, daily.

And even though we do them daily there are steps that we will forget.

Distractions cause you to forget even the most simple of steps.

And then you wind up wasting time and making the task harder than it needs to be and taking more time if you would of just remained focused.

A very simple and effective tool to keep you from wasting, or even taking back time is a checklist.

Simple put a checklist is just a standard list of the steps that have to be done, for the most repetitive task at hand.

3. Why Checklists Work - ProfHacker - Teaching, tech, and productivity.

Even the most routine tasks that you perform every day can get lost among the other similar day to day tasks. Having a checklist that you use even for these routine tasks can still be a huge benefit.

To make sure you do not leave out any of the steps, as even the most routine of routine can still be very important to your success.

Want to know when checklists are the most helpful?

Generally speaking there are two kinds of checklists:

  • A Read-Do Checklist: This is used by reading each step of the task, and then performing them in order … checking them off as you go, like following a recipe.
  • A Do-Confirm Checklist: This is used when you perform steps of the task from memory. And then when you reach a defined pause point … you then go through the checklist and confirm that each step has been completed.

According to Daniel Boorman of Boeing and surgeon Atul Gawande who argues that the checklist is one of the most basic organizational tools and can improve how effective your or your team can do even the most complex of tasks.

4. How to Use Simple Checklists to Boost Efficiency and Reduce Mistakes

"A good checklist is precise, efficient, and easy to use even in the most difficult situations." -- Surgeon Atul Gawande

Below are some great tools for getting a fast start and creating your own checklist, which you can benefit from in many areas of your business.

5. Check list? Why use checklists?

I know at times I am overwhelmed with tasks and I assume that many people feel the same.

When a tasks gets more complicated and the steps and list of things to do get much longer that 5 to 7 steps, it becomes even more difficult to remember and not miss one of the steps.

You can ease a lot of the stress and typically get more done faster just my writing down the steps and creating a “to do” list.

This will allow your mind to focus on the task at hand and makes the job simpler and lets you use your time more wisely and be more productive.

The majority of people are list makers. And for the other people that say they aren’t I would suggest they check this out and see it can help you plan, learn, and get organized.

6. 5 Reasons To Use Checklists

  • You don’t have to re-think something.
  • You don’t have to waste time and energy remembering.
  • You can hand a task off to someone easily.
  • You can tell at a glance where you are in the process.
  • You can keep track of several concurrent tasks easily.

7. The Importance of Checklists

A checklist may see boring, but using them could create more efficiency and keep mistakes at a minimum and this will improve your business.

Checklists will also leave a trail of tasks and the fact that they were completed.

For the entire project or individual tasks this will allow you to know what is done and what need to be done so you are never behind or miss any steps on the path to completion.

Personal Checklists

You are your business, so a good personal checklist allows you to always start off on the right note.

This will get your daily, weekly and monthly tasks done and keep your tasks on deadline and just overall better organized every day.

Project Checklists

All businesses have projects no matter your schedule, you need to use a project checklist to make them.

This will get them done quick and done right.

Revolving Checklists

Daily tasks have to get done no matter what other business there is, the revolving checklist keeps you on track to complete these tasks.

Priority Checklists

Certain task are more important than other and you need to get them out of the way first.

That is when a priority checklist comes into play and the reason it is a bit more involved than your basic checklist.

With each of these 4 types of checklist you create a solid foundation that you can lean on when things get fast and furious...

And it will be easier to keep mistakes from happening and keeping your mistakes to a minimum, allows you to get more done in less time.

8. Work Completion Checklists – 6 Reasons to Use Work Completion Checklists

Think about something you learned a long time ago?

You probably hear, “measure twice and cut one”?

One of the most important things when you do anything is going over all the steps to make sure you did not miss anything, this is a simple “quality” check…

In business it is critical to have these types of “checks and balances”, it doesn’t matter what you are doing, using a good checklist to make sure you are doing all the required steps help you to know and do a quality job.

The thing is most of you have the ability to memorize all the steps to all the processes you do.

But you are also only human and distraction is a real thing, even just for a moment is long enough to lose your place and miss a critical step.

And that single step could cause a huge error in the process and cause the entire project to fail.

Putting It All Together:

Anything and everything you do in your life you have most likely made a checklist, or a "to do" list, doesn't matter what you called it, what matters is it was the right tool for the job.

The more tasks you have to do, the more you need to keep track of... both the ones you have done and the ones you haven't done ... yet.

So as a 30 Minute Marketers you have a lot that has to get done in a short amount of time so a good checklist is essential and key to whether you succeed or fail ... in both planning and execution of that plan.

When doing affiliate marketing getting niche section right is the first thing you need to check off your list ... and it is crucial to your success.

Garry Baker

My name is Garry Baker and I am the founder of 30MinuteMarketing.net. Work at your online business for 30 minutes a day for 30 days and I guarantee you will have built something to be proud of as well as have a solid foundation that you can use to start to generate income online.