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Solved: What to Actually do to Create and Sell Your Own Product ... Boost Affiliate Commissions, Top Leaderboards, Win Contests, and Earn More Using Your Own Product as a Bonus

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Important Information:

3 modules recorded and ready to view, after your purchase...

LIVE Case Study - Friday, June 28th, 2024

A quick message from fellow solopreneur Garry Lynn Baker

Here’s What I Got for You:

First I'm going to do something here that goes against all normal rules for copywriting to convince you to buy this product...

I want to tell you that this workshop has nothing to do with being an affiliate marketer.

This is about taking the next step and becoming a product creator...

Why would you want to create your own product?

I'll tell you a secret...

That is what the best affiliate marketers are and do.

They are product creators and they have their own products to use as a bonus...

This is the secret that they don't want you to know.

They want you to think they have some secret sauce or they've "cracked the code" to being a super affiliate...

Well my friend, I just spilled the beans.

So, why should you join me in this workshop? 

Keep reading...

Here’s What It’ll Do for You:

This workshop will give you a simple 3 step process to follow to actually create your own product to sell and to use as a bonus...

During this workshop we will cover everything you need to know and do.

No stone will be left unturned...

And when you have questions, which you will, all you have to do is ask and I'll get you an answer.

Yes, it's that simple don't over complicate what this workshop is about...

On this sales page I'm going to dive into more of the nitty gritty so you know you're getting your money's worth.

But at the end of the day this is about one thing...

Creating your own product to do exactly what the headline said:

"What to Actually do to Create and Sell Your Own Product ... Boost Affiliate Commissions, Top Leaderboards, Win Contests, and Earn More Using Your Own Product as a Bonus"

So if that interests you, then keep reading...

How to Get It:

Just click the buy button on this page, and you'll be registered for the workshop.

But if you're still not convinced yet...

Well then I've go more detail about exactly what you'll get when you decide to join.

Which at this point you know the drill...

Just keep reading.


  • Identify Your Niche Problem: Clearly define a specific, actionable issue your product will solve, targeting the exact needs of your audience.

  • Research and Understand Your Audience: Gain insights into your target customer's pain points, desires, and needs to tailor your solution effectively.

  • Develop a Unique Solution: Create a practical, user-friendly solution that stands out in the market and addresses the identified problem.

  • Simplify and Organize: Break down your solution into easy-to-follow steps, ensuring clarity and focus with a well-structured format.

  • Set Up Your Gumroad Store: Learn how to create an attractive and functional product page on Gumroad to showcase your offer.

  • Craft Compelling Sales Copy: Use a simplified AIDA framework to write persuasive copy that captures attention, generates interest, creates desire, and prompts action.

  • Launch with Confidence: Execute your product launch with a solid strategy, leveraging the support and feedback from the workgroup

  • Ongoing Support: Receive continuous guidance and direct email support for 3 months to help you refine and improve your product and sales tactics.

  • And tons more actionable content inside the workshop!


With this exclusive workshop, you'll gain comprehensive insights and practical training that take you through the exact steps to create and sell your own product.

Access to a Secure Membership Area: This is your secret lab! Find all your workshop materials, videos, and shared ChatGPT chats here. It's your one-stop hub for all things AI and content creation.

90 Days of Personalized Email Coaching: Over the course of the next 90 days, I'll be your personal coach, guiding you through your challenges and paving the way to creating your product and getting it up and for sale.

Interactive Sessions & Q&A: Enjoy three weeks of recorded step by step video instruction complemented with Q&A session to be held LIVE. The final LIVE module will be a case study available on Friday, June 28th, 2024. You can join the live session and interact directly with me...

  • Module 1 - Pinpoint Your Problem: Crafting a Niche Solution

  • Identify a Specific Problem: Choose a clear, actionable issue faced by your target audience.

  • Research Your Audience: Understand the needs, pain points, and desires of your ideal customer.

  • Define Your Unique Solution: Articulate how your product will uniquely solve this problem.

  • Interactive Q&A: After viewing this recorded module, ask any and all questions you have in the Affiliating Facebook group and I'll get you an answer, asap!

  • Module 2 - Simple, Smart Solution: 3 Step Strategy

  • Study and Simplify: Conduct thorough research on the problem and distill the solution into clear, easy-to-follow steps.

  • Innovate and Design: Develop a creative, practical, and user-friendly approach to solve the problem.

  • Organize and Structure: Keep the product consumable by organizing it with 3 main points, each with 3 sub-points, for clarity and focus.

  • Interactive Q&A: After viewing this recorded module, ask any and all questions you have in the Affiliating Facebook group and I'll get you an answer, asap!

  • Module 3 - Solution for Sale: Gumroad Store Creation (Live Call)

  • Gumroad Store Creation: Set up your Gumroad account and product page.

  • Upload Your Offer: Add all necessary files and product details.

  • Craft Simple Copy: Use a simplified AIDA framework.

  • Interactive Q&A: After viewing this recorded module, ask any and all questions you have in the Affiliating Facebook group and I'll get you an answer, asap!

  • Module 1 - Available Now!

  • Module 2 - Available Now!

  • Module 3 - Available Now!

  • LIVE Case Study - Friday, June 28th, 2024


    The Affiliating Course: Get exclusive access to my Affiliating course where you'll learn how to build a profitable online business.

    You'll discover my proven T.O.P. Strategy with a focus on YouTube as your primary traffic source to supercharge your online success.

    With all these tools and resources, you're set to conquer the world of product creation and affiliate marketing ... this workshop is your ticket to your future where product creation struggles are a thing of the past.

    So, are you ready to step up and create your own product?



    Proof That This Isn't Just Talk

    Hey, I get it. In the world of content creation, seeing is believing.

    So, let me pull back the curtain and show you the real, results I've achieved using the very strategies you'll learn in this workshop:

    Topping Leaderboards

    I don't promote very many launches these days, honestly just not enough "good products" that are created and launched in my niche theses days...

    I choose to spend my time creating ever-green products of my own to sell.

    But the bonus is when I create my own products and sell them, they have real proven value...

    Which I can in turn use as a bonus when a good product does come along.

    And even compete with the "big boys" that are constantly launching products and have built massive audiences of "starving crowds" looking for the next hot shiny object...

    Not my thing, but let's not get lost in the value that we build with our own products.

    Case in point, a good product and I was able to present my case to my audience alongside my own product and lookie there...

    I landed just outside the Top 10 at position #11, against some heavy hitters in the PLR and Make Money Online niches on that marketplace.

    Proof That This Isn't Just Talk

    I know you need to see results to believe...

    Here’s what happened in just 3 weeks of me completing me new offer inside the workshop:

    Gumroad Sales: In the first 3 days after I completed the workshop and had the offer live on my Gumroad store, I made 7 sales, generating $99.50 in revenue.

    WarriorPlus Promotion: Using the product created in this workshop as a bonus, I made significant affiliate commissions, topping the leaderboard with over $500 in total sales and 25+ sales in just a short period.

    The point is to show that simple action leads to a reaction that is making money online...

    I did all this in just 3 weeks!

    Note: There is also a PLR or Whitelabel option for the publication I created in the workshop.

    Only 50 of these licenses for you to use the product as your own, will ever be sold, so act fast!

    Hit Leaderboards, Earn More Commissions

    One of the easiest things to do once you have your own product is to use it as a bonus...

    The perceived and real value allow you to make more money as an affiliate, as well as provide added value to your audience.

    It allows them to get a great product from a vendor you recommend and also get your product as a bonus, which shows them you are committed to them getting real value...

    And solving their problem.

    I proved this within 3 weeks of creating the offer in the workshop,  you've already seen that proof, but I wanted to make sure you see this isn't just some fluke...

    This is about building a repeatable practice in your own profitable online affiliate marketing business.


    Here's the Truth…

    I am wholeheartedly committed to what I do...

    And these clear-cut strategies will help you in many ways, but the one of the biggest is that you will expand horizons, or you view of what the the reality of making money online truly is about.

    You'll start seeing things from my perspective, understanding the mechanics of online income generation.

    No, you won't jump from zero to 10K a month overnight...

    I'd never suggest such a thing.

    What I can tell you, though, is that after going through this workshop, you will:

    Know Exactly How to Create Your Own Product: Which will allow you to develop a unique product (Yes! You can use PLR to create your own unique product...) that solves a specific problem for your audience. You'll learn how to pinpoint a niche problem, craft a compelling solution, and organize your product for maximum impact.

    The Step Required to Launch Your Product: You'll see how simple it is to set up and sell your product on Gumroad, ensuring it’s attractive and ready to generate sales. I'll guide you through the entire process, from account creation to uploading your offer.

    Position Yourself to Boost Your Affiliate Commissions: Use your product as a powerful bonus to entice buyers and increase your affiliate earnings. You’ll understand how to position your product as an irresistible bonus that drives more sales through your affiliate links.

    A Real Chance to Top Leaderboards and Win Contests: Stand out in the competitive affiliate marketing space, hitting leaderboards and winning contests with your compelling bonus product. Learn the strategies to elevate your affiliate game and gain recognition.

    My ultimate promise to you is, by the end of this workshop, you'll have built the foundations towards success...

    You'll have all the info you need to build a tangible product ready to sell and give you a strategic advantage in the affiliate marketing world.

    This isn't just about creating a product...

    It's enhancing your knowledge and skill set and then leveraging your product to amplify your success and earnings as an affiliate marketer.

    Join now, and take the first step to updating your online income strategy.

    Garry Lynn Baker



    I understand how daunting of a task it feels...

    The seemingly insurmountable wall that stands between you and online income.

    But, armed with the strategies and tactics unearthed in this workshop ... you'll be ready to shatter the irresolvable barrier, paving the way towards genuine online earnings.

    Regardless of your experience level:

    No matter if you are a novice or someone with some victories under your belt, this workshop is designed to help you bypass the usual stumbling blocks, cutting straight to the chase!

    So, why wait?

    Grab this workshop now, and let's go!



    Option 1 - $97

    Workshop + Access to all recordings and 3 months of direct email access to me for consulting after the workshop.

    Option 2 - $197 (Only 50 Available)

    Everything in Option 1 + Whitelabel PLR rights to the report I create in the workshop, so you can use it as your own product!

    LIVE Case Study Workshop Wrap up Meeting

    Friday, 28th June 2024 @ 1PM CT

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the structure of the workshop?

    The workshop is a 3-week program, with each week focusing on a different aspect of content creation and affiliate marketing. It includes interactive sessions, Q&A, and personalized email coaching.

    What does the "secure membership area" offer?

    The secure membership area is a resource hub where you can find all your workshop materials, videos, and shared ChatGPT chats. It's a one-stop hub for all things related to the workshop.

    What is the refund policy for the workshop?

    No refunds for this workshop, each module will be available in your secure membership area and you can work at your own pace, DO NOT BUY this if you are thinking about refunds.

    What is the role of YouTube in this workshop?

    YouTube plays a significant role in the workshop and the accompanying Affiliating Course. You will learn how to leverage YouTube as a primary traffic source for your online business, which can significantly boost your affiliate marketing efforts. The strategies taught will help you maximize the potential of YouTube to reach a wider audience and drive more traffic to your affiliate links.

    What is the goal of this workshop?

    The goal of the workshop is to teach you how to create engaging content and succeed in affiliate marketing. By the end of the workshop, you should be equipped with the strategies and mindset to start generating online income.

    What is the format of the workshop and how are questions answered?

    This Workshop is primarily a recorded program, allowing you to learn at your own pace. However, there is a "live" component to the workshop. But If for some reason your question isn't answered during the workshop week, don't worry! You can still get your questions answered in the Affiliating Facebook and you have 90 days of direct email access to me as well.

    Does this work with PLR?

    Yes you can use what you learn in this workshop with PLR. Meaning you can take any content that you have PLR rights to and make it your own following the 3 step content creation process you will learn in this workshop to make your own unique product.

    What is the title of the report that I'll get Whitelable PLR Rights to

    The working title is, "The LDT Model: Your Next First Step to Making Money Online"...

    And it currently has 3 sections:

    Section A: The LDT Model Explained

    Section B: The T.O.P. Strategy

    Section C: Implementing the LDT Model and T.O.P. Strategy

    And in the workshop I'll show you how to create your own unique model and strategy to make your product unique...

    What is the "Affiliating Course" that is included with the workshop?

    The Affiliating Course is an additional resource that teaches you how to build a profitable online business using YouTube as your primary traffic source.

    What kind of content will I learn to create in the workshop?

    The workshop will teach you how to create an information product that solves a very specific problem for your target audience.

    What kind of support will I receive during the workshop?

    You will receive 90 days of personalized email coaching from Garry Lynn Baker, the creator of the workshop. There will also be a live Q&A sessions where you can ask your questions. You can also post your questions inside the Affiliating course Facebook group.

    How can I sign up for the workshop?

    You can sign up for the workshop by clicking on the "Add to Cart" button on the sales page.

    What is the role of AI in this workshop?

    The workshop does use AI, specifically ChatGPT to assist in content creation. You'll learn how to use these AI tools to generate fresh, captivating content.

    Who is this workshop designed for?

    This workshop is designed for anyone interested in content creation and affiliate marketing, regardless of their experience level. Whether you're a novice or someone with some victories under your belt, this workshop aims to help you bypass the usual stumbling blocks and cut straight to the chase in your journey towards financial liberation.

    What is the report about that I get Whitelable PLR Rights to, and Who is the target audience

    The  information product I'll create in the workshop  targets aspiring online entrepreneurs, existing online business owners seeking growth, and digital marketers or affiliate marketers. These audiences include beginners eager to start an online business but overwhelmed by information overload, intermediate entrepreneurs looking to scale their ventures and refine their strategies, and experienced marketers wanting to diversify their income streams by creating and selling their own products. By providing a clear, actionable framework, the product helps these individuals overcome their specific pain points and achieve sustainable success through practical, step-by-step strategies and real-life case studies.


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